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You may have recently noticed my business name has changed and might be wondering why I have done so. For some time I have been contemplating on changing my business name to reflect what I do now. I do more than just travel and relaxation therapy as was the intended goal for my business in its early years. My business now emcompasses much more than those two concepts combined. My business grew into a pain management service that was incorporated into a office type setting. Clients were not only coming me for pain management but were coming to me for holistic service that entailed energy work as well. Energy work in my opinion is vital to massage therapy. You cannot have one and not have the other.

Back in massage school I was taught more than just Swedish massage. I had many wonderful teachers that taught me the skills of neuromuscular and sports massage therapy. Before becoming a MT, I was a Reiki practitioner and a reflexologist. What my massage entails is not only medical but applies alternative therapies such as energy work and holistic healing.

What do you get when you mix modern and old school modalities together? You get integrated massage. Integrated massage incorporates a variety of therapeutic massage techniques along with energy work. You receive the best of both worlds. You have a therapist that brings together mind, body and spirit so that YOU can “heal thy self”.

We all have growing pains and it’s normal to want to hold on to things that no longer serve us. Some people don’t enjoy change all. Yet we need change so that we can grow spiritually. This is my growing pain – letting my old business name go. It was difficult to change the name since I put so much time and energy into promoting, networking and creating a image. It was a difficult choice since I have had the name The Traveling Masseuse of DFW for nearly six years. Besides, I do more office visit appointments rather than onsite for chair massage or hotel out calls. Of course as a business owner you got to change with what the client needs. From my personal experience, people need one on one work with a therapist in a private, safe and comforting environment. I knew it was time to bite the bullet this week and change the name once and for all. It’s a new start, name and energy that with bring forth new a synergy to my business.


I was brainstorming with a friend over a week ago about a new name. I could not decide on a name and my brain was totally fried. Every time a name came to mind it was taken. (Never hurts to do a name check on google.) My friend and colleague Andi told me “just allow it to come to you. Don’t think of it too much”. Of course I get my best ideas when I am about to nod off to slumber land or in the shower. The name Connective Integration Massage Therapy came to me before lying down for a nap. Connective – bringing things together. Integration – the act of combining or adding parts to make a unified whole or harmoniously to desegregate. I jumped out of bed, wrote down the name quickly and completed a search online to find out if the name was already taken. Sure enough it was not. From there on Andi and I have been playing around with acronyms for the name such as CIMplisity and CIMplified. For now I will just leave it alone.  Andi also has been helping me create a new logo for the business too. All of it is coming together quickly. Thank you Andi for assisting me.

As of now I am working on a new website design, logo, web listings, business cards and a door sign for the office. All of this will reflect the name change in a matter of weeks. I will still keep my domain http://www.travelingmasseusedfw.com for future reference for old clients that have not seen me in a while.

I will still offer out call services between the hours of 10 am to 7 pm. Please call ahead of time for this service. A out call service fee does apply.

Always, I do appreciate your business and I thank you all for being supportive of the recent changes.

Suzan Walker, LMT

Connective Integration Massage Therapy



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After careful consideration and multiple problems with calls after 9 pm, I decided to end the 24-hour/emergency service as of last year.

My hours of operation are Monday thru Friday, 10 am to 7 pm and Saturday, 10 am. to 4 pm. These are ideal hours for most people. If you would like a later appointment, you must call in advance during business hours. If you are calling after my regular hours of operation, I do screen calls and listen to voice mail. If it is truly an emergency, leave me a message and I will return your call.

All out call sessions must be secured by credit card. Please keep in mind I do not schedule massages past 10 pm. Want to know why? Keep on reading.

I am always honest with my clients as to why I no longer perform late night out calls. I need to take extra precautions for my own safety and well being. One of the reasons is that Yellow Pages has placed every massage therapists in the DFW under keywords “erotic, tantra, sexual and hand jobs.” This places massage therapists in possible danger.

The massage profession is completely different than what it when I first started my out call business nearly six years ago. From personal experience I have had a few very close calls during several late night out calls. I’ve had calls from male clients asking for deep tissue or sports massage. Some claiming that they were in severe pain. Upon arriving, they changed their request to sensual/sexual massage. The client called me to their location under false pretenses. I won’t go into details of what has happened in a few occurrences. I will tell you no amount of money is worth going through the emotional trauma or sexual harassment of some predator getting his jollies off. I love the work I do. I am willing to help anyone that is in pain yet I will not place myself in unsafe circumstances nor tolerate this sort of behavior. Like anyone I do have limits. Anyone that does not understand my reasoning on this issues I prefer not to have you as a client.

This is simply not a rare occurrence. I network with other therapists experiencing similar occupancies. Unfortunately, several LMT’s I know left the massage profession due to the sexual harassment.

Whether you are seeking a professional massage or something sensual, you need to review the web site before calling. This ensures that if you are calling a LMT or a prostitute. There is a difference and it is not appreciated when a LMT receives solicitation for sex. It’s offensive. A LMT is not part of your fantasy. A LMT went to school to study massage therapy, the anatomy and physiology of the human body. We’ve spent hundred if not thousands of hours perfecting our craft. Many of us have spent thousands of dollars each year for specialization course work, CEU’s, licensing, liability insurance and rent each year. A LMT would never jeopardize their license nor their credibility to provide you with sexual services. If they do, they are not a LMT.

Thank you for understanding.

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