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One of the most valuable self care options that one can do for themselves is to budget and schedule regular massage sessions. 

Massage is necessary for those that work out, have chronic pain, have a strenuous labor intensive job, are athletes or have had recent injury. Maintaining your muscles is essential for peek performance and physical health.

Old injuries may arise when working out. If you do have scar tissue or tight fascia it may impede performance and enhancement by reducing the amount of time you are able to work out. You may not be able to push your workout to the maximum when pain is involved.

I work with those that need to come in for a hour or more session of body work. I no longer offer 30-minute sessions unless they are a follow up session a few days after a massage or if you are a regular client of mine. 

I find that for new clients thirty minutes in most cases is not enough for the issues that need to be addressed. Not only are you cheating yourself of much needed body work but there could be other factors that may be involved elsewhere in the body causing your pain. Especially if it an old sports or auto accident injury.

You owe it to yourself and deserve a much needed hour or more session of body work.

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This is a topic I feel that needs to be addressed with potential clients. Every so often I book a client that makes this statement:

“Please don’t hurt me.”

We have all had bad experiences in life. You should know what you want and do not want out of a massage session. We’ve all had unpleasant experiences but do not allow one bad massage experience ruin it for you for the rest of your life. Never allow fear to deter you from a massage.

If that thought crosses your mind about any therapy or massage therapist please do not book a appointment. If you worried about the massage therapist may harm you please do not book a appointment at all. You have it already in your mind that that sort of therapy or therapist may hurt you, you will tense up during the session and will focus on the negative aspect of someone harming you. Worrying about a therapist harming you is a negative thought form and can ruin any massage experience. Once that thought form is in most people’s heads there is nothing that can deter them from believing otherwise.

If you have concerns please address them with the therapist before scheduling your appointment. This is important for all involved in your therapy. Communication is vital and you need to tell the therapist what you like and no not like in a massage session, the pressure, etc.

A informed client is a knowledgeable client. Please research and ask questions about a certain massage technique.

As a massage therapist my intention is never to harm or hurt you. The definition of hurt is as follows:

1. To cause physical damage or pain to; injure.
2. To cause mental or emotional suffering to; distress.
3. To cause physical damage to; harm:
4. To be detrimental to; hinder or impair:
a. To cause distress or damage:

Hurting a person is to cause and inflict emotional and physical pain intentionally. No therapist that I have ever worked with or that I know of has ever intentionally inflicted pain or harm on a person.

Depending on the technique you such as deep tissue you maybe sore the next day. There is no guarantee that you may not be sore the next day after such a session. I always ask for feed back and I make sure the pressure is to your liking. There are many techniques that do not require going deep into the muscle under belly and I am more than accommodating to use those techniques for your session.

I am trained in traditional TMC medicine, deep tissue, connective tissue integration (SOMA) and sports massage. Those are the main modalities I work with on a day to day basis. (I provide a pretty good Swedish and Esalen massage, too.) Some of these techniques can be uncomfortable especially when the work requires breaking up negative muscle patterns, scar tissue and adhesion. There are periods in the session when one will be uncomfortable. I always tell my clients if the uncomfortableness gets to be too much tell me to back off. Never allow me to continue when you are in pain. I can always water the technique down and apply lighter pressure. I can also do a therapeutic massage which uses a combination of techniques. Every client is different and the massage can and will be catered to your needs.

I will not schedule a appointment with you if you feel that I may harm you. That is not the image I wish to project to you about massage therapy. Your massage session should be a positive experience and that begins with you.

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